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Automatic Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Brand : Shunchang

Product origin : Fujian,China

Delivery time : On time delivery

Supply capacity : 60 production lines / year

Product Description
Automatic Sanitary Pad Making Machine most of the parts by the CNC machine tool Shimu precision machining, design according to Europe CE standard, through the CE certification, machinery and equipment, excellent material, safe and reliable production and processing.
Main Technical Data

Working Speed(Production speed)


Working Speed(Linear web speed)

Up to 220meters/minute

Power supply

380V 50HZ, Tri-phase

Installation power capacity


Air consumption


Qualified rate


Product width(min~max)


Product length(min~max)


Dimensions(L×W×H, Meters)

L: 20~25

W: 4.5~6

H: 3~4.5

Technical features
1 Compact design, easy operation&maintenance
2 Modular design, for future upgrading
3 Low consumption, high efficiency
4 Servo or frequency inverter transmission
5 Touch screen for man-machine conversation
6 Auto record and calculation of process data
7 Main raw material auto splicing at zero speed
8 Inverter or servo unwinding with tension control
9 Web guiding controller
10 Sensor quality control systems
11 Material broken and lost inspection, auto machine stop and defective products auto rejection
12 Easy size changing and manufacture
13 CE approval

Basic process configuration: 
1 High speed pulverizer(untreated pulp is allowed)
2 Fluff forming unit
3 SAP dosing unit
4 Raw material feeding units
5 Inner cutter unit
6 Product 90°transverse turning
7 Final cutter unit
8 Pouch film application unit
9 Air application unit
10 Safety protection unit 
Optional process configurations:
1 Aloe/perfume application unit
2 Gravimetric SAP dosing unit
3 Camera quality detection unit 
Raw material specifications 

Item Number

Raw material layer(Straight type fluff core)


cover stock NW(hydrophilic NW)


Fluff core pad


PE film


Back release paper

Options(Straight type fluff core Ultrathin)


Air laid paper


SAP Paper

Options(with wing)


Wing release paper

Options(fast & easy packing)


Pouch film


Easy tape

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